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Tales From Lockdown

As we ease gently out of lockdown and into some form of normality, Caroline Smithson, our founder and creative director, reflects on her experience of the pause that this period has afforded us.




Tales From Lockdown



The beauty of lockdown for me was being allowed the opportunity to stop and finally have a choice, the ability to spend day after day looking into the newness of the situation and welcoming its infinite possibilities - celebrating the enforced belated maternity leave that the fast pace of fashion industry wouldn’t previously allow, joyously feeling the change and knowing that others would too, basking in its plentiful possibilities of healing, finding strength in the knowledge that we finally have a chance to direct our own universe.


With the choices laid before me I wanted to pick the road that was gentler, slower, and submerged in natural. I chose to work more on dying techniques. Feeding a household from scratch daily creates waste and, as with the clothing collection, I relished the challenge of reducing that waste to zero.


I have spent many evenings working with natural mordants, and days bubbling cauldrons of avocado pits, onion peels and black beans. Previously stained and lacklustre muslins and baby grows are radiating in wild natural tie dyes, dip dyes, hot dyes, relief dyes, and cold dyes. The infinite possibilities of dyeing and the mystery and freedom of never being certain of the outcome felt like the perfect echo of my lockdown life.

Washing Muslins
Avocado Stones

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