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asoftwoman x Ssōne

asoftwoman x  Ssōne


The beautiful meditation on flowing, @asoftwoman does a ritual practice in the Apex Full Dress and is shot by Eduardo G.I.


With a distinctive kerchief-inspired neckline (that informal scare being the archetypal accessory worn to protests), elbow-length sleeves and a narrow V-shaped opening to the back, this full midi-length dress drapes loosely around the body to create a relaxed and sculptural silhouette and is pleasingly light to wear.


Leah is self described as "somewhere between model and movement", and gifts us guided ritual and movement practices' on her instagram @asoftwoman, and shares nourishing self care practices and healing wisdom on




When was the first time you felt called to do what you do?

When I found myself ecstatically dancing for hours on set, or in my room, or in the club. And found my body, spirit, aura entirely unplugged from my mind, freed from any hurdles, or constructs. Sometimes tears would come, and I knew that movement was a vessel for my healing/freedom. 


Who or what is your greatest influence?

Bell hooks, who wrote on Love as a practice of Freedom. It underbellies everything we do

I have a soft spot for Grace Jones, and the nurturing support systems that hold me, occasionally check me and have enabled me to flourish


Do you have any daily rituals?

Getting as much recharge from the sun is vital. I’m really into scraping my tongue, oiling my skin with shea butter, or sesame oil. A good friend has concocted the perfect formula which I’m trying to match. I’ll dive into prana/breathwork, followed by a 20 x min yoga practice. It's a moving meditation.I like to meditate also. Otherwise, it’s just to sit with myself and find my awareness back into my body.


What clothing do you wear to work in?

I love loungewear, yoga pants. My friend brand Akoia Swim does these incredible crochet pants, in seafoam blue, they are so comfortable, and airy. Occasionally I might wrap some fabric round me. It’s something I grew up seeing my mother do, and now I do it too.


What's your view from your workplace?

We have a plant corner, which is doing very well at the moment. The young leaves of the tigerella have shot up, and outside we have some  dill. We also have the beginnings of a compost heap which is going quite slowly...


When you aren’t making art, what else do you make?

Food, juices, herbal oil blends. I’ve loosely learnt the basics of graphic design for’s identity, I’ve been lucky to have a teacher during lockdown! Also felt called to channel guided meditations, which we’re beginning to do something with. 


What do I do when I’m feeling uninspired?

When I come to  awareness of it, I try to unpack. Usually it means I need to  rest, or there are some ideas that need revisiting, or a deeper delve into (maybe through journaling). It’s taken me some time, but I’m growing into acceptance that it is also just a state of being. I really love free movement, and its capacity to shift. I find I can move through any stagnancy, or limiting beliefs, move outwardly to gain perspective of my inner garden. I’ll sometimes just listen to my womb, she usually knows what's up. 



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